Compare Indicators Across States

Compare Indicators Across States

Use this interactive table to get a snapshot view of all states’ results on any Yearbook indicator in our three domains – Good Health, Strong Families, and Positive Early Learning Experiences. Explore the results for all states on the map and through sortable listings by finding or state. Simply select the indicator to explore by either typing the indicator name into the Search bar or by clicking on the domain name and scrolling to the indicator in the alphabetized list. Not sure of an indicator name? Begin typing in the search bar for suggestions.

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No PolicyAllowedRecommendedRequired
No protectionsState employees onlyLimited coverage: State employees and private employees with exceptionsAll employees covered (private and state)
No law beyond mandatory 60 daysLaw covering either some women but not all, or all women but for less than 1 yearLaw covering all women for 1 year postpartum
NoDepends on locationYes
0 of 3 age groups1 of 3 age groups2 of 3 age groups3 of 3 age groups
No credential beyond a high school diplomaCDA or state equivalent credential
Map view is not applicable; indicator not ranked.
Not Ranked
This indicator does not factor into the category's GROW ranking.