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Good Health

Good Health

Physically and emotionally healthy babies are more likely to become healthy, stable, successful adults. Good nutrition, nurturing relationships with parents and caregivers, and high-quality medical care support sound bodies and minds and influence all areas of a child’s development.

To grow up healthy, babies need policy supports that effectively address:

  • Health Care Access/Affordability
  • Food Security
  • Food Nutrition
  • Maternal Health
  • Child Health
  • Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

The State of Babies Yearbook: 2019 shows wide variation in babies’ health outcomes and their families’ access to care—both key factors related to good health. For example:

  • 16.5% of babies live in households that don’t have access to enough healthy food due to lack of resources.
  • On average, 6 in 1,000 babies born in the U.S. will not survive to see their first birthday. In some states, 9 in 1,000 babies born will not survive.
  • Income eligibility limits set for pregnant women to participate in Medicaid range from as low as 138% to as high as 380% of the federal poverty level.

States that are ‘Working Effectively’ towards creating good health among babies include: