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Strong Families


Young children develop in the context of their families, where stability, safety, and supportive relationships nurture their growth.

The economic and social impacts of COVID-19 have increased the incidence of material hardship and have deepened the need to support parents in nurturing the development of their young children. Even prior to the pandemic many families with young children, especially those with low income, faced material hardship.

Key Findings

0 in 7
households with babies were experiencing food insecurity before the pandemic.

Babies in families with low income are more likely than their peers to experience housing instability, live in unsafe neighborhoods, and have at least one adverse childhood experience during their critical first three years. Such challenges can jeopardize babies’ development and have both immediate and long-term effects.

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The State of Babies

The state where a child is born and lives during their first three years makes a big difference in their chance for a strong start in life. See how your state stacks up—and view where significant disparities exist in the opportunities available for babies.

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Strong Families

The Strong Families domain examines indicators addressing basic needs, family resilience and the extent to which infants and toddlers experienced adverse events or maltreatment; child welfare, home visiting, and family-supportive policies.


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