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Share these posts with your networks to highlight national and state data and educate your policymakers about what babies and families need to thrive.

Please tailor mentions and hashtags accordingly for each social network. 

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General Messaging: 

  • Race and ethnicity. Income. Where you live. @ZEROTOTHREE’s #StateofBabies Yearbook: 2023 explores these variables and how they contribute to disparities for babies across the country. Check it out:  #ThinkBabies  
  • Who loves data? 📊 @ZEROTOTHREE’s #StateofBabies Yearbook gives an in-depth look at the well-being of our country’s youngest citizens. See how babies in your state are doing: #ThinkBabies  
  • Each of the 11 million infants and toddlers in the United States are born with unlimited potential, yet @ZEROTOTHREE’s #StateofBabies Yearbook shows children of color and children living in poverty face the biggest obstacles. Dig into the data: #ThinkBabies   #ThinkBabies  

State Messaging:  

  • Every baby deserves a strong start in life, regardless of their family’s composition, race or ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. But the most recent #StateofBabies data from @ZEROTOTHREE show where families need more support. See where [STATE] ranks: #ThinkBabies 
  • 👶 Brains develop faster between the ages of 0-3 than at any later point in life. All babies need good health, strong families, and positive early learning experiences. @ZEROTOTHREE’s #StateofBabies Yearbook shows how [STATE] measures up in providing these supports: #ThinkBabies 
  • @ZEROTOTHREE outlines what our nation needs to do to bolster the potential of every single child in every state, including [STATE]! Learn more about the disparities working against babies: #StateofBabies #ThinkBabies 
  • Policies differ state-to-state, but the basics of what babies need? That is universal. See how [STATE] measures up in helping every baby achieve their full potential in @ZEROTOTHREE’s #StateofBabies Yearbook. #ThinkBabies 
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